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Our Story

The beginnings of Dixie Precision are as real as it gets.  Alton Britt grew up on a dairy farm in south Mississippi.  He and his "papaw" began hunting when Alton was very young and Alton's love of hunting and Firearms was a tradition that had been handed down generations.  Papaw only had shotguns, that is what most people hunted with in our area, from bird hunting, rabbit, and deer.  Papaw always told Alton he would love to have a rifle with a scope on it for those deer they could see beyond the capable ability of the shotgun.  Years would pass, and papaw never would get that rifle but Alton was introduced to long range competition shooting, he showed up at the match as many do the first time, with rifles they believe are just as accurate as anyone else has, factory Remingtons, with factory Triggers and factory ammunition, Needless to say Alton and his son CJ soon realized they were entirely out of their league and would need to improve their weapons to compete.  Luckily, Alton had been a machinist since 1983, he sure could not afford the price tag of those expensive rifles.  Working within the realm of very close tolerance was a lifetime of producing equipment and learning the hard way what it took to produce a product that a man would be proud to own. He began building his own and his son's, they both have won many state titles.  Since then, Dixie Precision Rifle owners, have won National Titles, many National Records, many State Championships, and been on many  lifetime hunts, they have supported our law enforcement officers and our military.   Alton's name and work goes behind every Dixie Precision Rifle.

Alton, Builds every single rifle as though he were building his own, as though he was building his papaws.  We know for many people, these are their retirement guns, people spend their hard earned money for these rifles,  these guns  will be handed down to their grandchildren and it is with great pride we use the best components by the greatest craftsman in the world, all of them are right here in the United States of America.  We love and support our law enforcement officers and all of the men and women who have served our country in the military.

We build hunting rifles, competition F-Class rifles, Tactical Rifles, Suppressors, muzzle brakes,  we thread barrels, flute barrels.  

We offer custom load development.  

We have a DPC gun coat. 

We are not the biggest and we are not the fastest.  We are not perfect, but if its not right, we will make it right.