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Jewel Trigger Rem BTM BLT Top Right Safety




The firing pin block (11) Is held in the cocked position by the vertical alignment of upper lever (6) and lower lever (7) which is captured in the locked position by sear (5).

Rotation of the trigger shoe (4) releases sear (5) from the upper lever sear (8) allowing the upper lever (6) and lower lever (7) to collapse to a folded position (see Figure 2), allowing block (11) to fal, thus releasing the firing pin.

The levers (6) and (7) will stay in the collapsed position until the boft is open, at which time spring (10) forces levers (6) and (7) back to cocked position. Sear (5) is reset by rotation of upper lever sear (8) on it's pivot pin (13). It is maintained in a down loaded position by the end of spring (10).

Fig.1 (Cocked)

Fig.2 (Fired)



The trigger has been adjusted for most applications when shipped. Personal preference, however, may require adjustment on one or more settings.

All adjustment screws are filled with Nylon inserts to maintain their set positions. The use of external locking compounds is not necessary.

Screw (1) sets sear engagement (in = less sear engagement).
Screw (2) sets overtravel (in = more overtravel).
Screw (3) sets pull force (in = more pull force).

Initial Adjustment Procedure:

  1. Ensure that rifle is unloaded!!!
  2. Cock action, turn screw (1) inward until action fires. Back screw out approximately 3/4 turn.
  3. Recock action, turn screw (2) out until it contacts tab (12). While applying pull on the trigger shoe, turn screw inward until action fires. Turn screw inward another 1/4 turn.
  4. Recock action and measure pull force. Turn screw (3) in for more pull force or out for less pull force. Do not exceed specifications for pull settings.
  5. Operate action for your particular method of shooting and adjust as needed.

Note: Rapid firing practices may require slightly more sear engagement or pull force to prevent unwanted firing.

Cleaning: Flush after each barrel cleaning with lighter fluid. The use of lubricants is not recommended.


The safety, when applied, rotates a cam (14) to a position that pushes the sear of the upper level (Fig. 1) off the sear of the trigger shoe and blocks movement of the operating parts, allowing the trigger shoe to move freely. The safety cam is spring loaded to either the fire or safe position, as selected. Rotation of the safety cam is made possible with either a single, bottom activated lever, or the top activated multiple-link arrangement

Care must be taken on installation that there is positive clearance between the levers and stock, as some stock or trigger guard material may require trimming. Ensure that the safety levers can operate to the full range of travel.



The bolt release is similar to the standard Remington 700 lever, but is made of .050- 4130 Aircraft Grade Sheet Steel It operates on two of the through pins in elongated slots and is returned by the factory provided spring/lever.


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