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Stiller Tac 300 LA/308 w/ 20 MOA Pic Rail


Stainless Tactical Actions

  • Drop in replacement for popular Remington 700 series actions.  Fits same stocks, triggers and has same nominal headspacing. 

  • All action bodies use 416R stainless steel hardened to 41 Rockwell C. 

  • Bolt hole is gun-drilled and then wire edm'ed with the rails to ensure exact tolerances and size control.  Bolt fit to body is typically .0040 to .0060.

  • Rails incorporate anti-bind rail for smooth operation when sliding bolt across port cutouts.

  • Bolt is factory lapped and either coated with Black Iron Nitride QPQ to reduce visibility.  Bolts are spiral fluted.

  • Repeaters have standard magazine cutout for use with Remington parts or we offer a bedding system that uses proven Accuracy International magazines.

  • Picatinney rails are available from SPF.  Standard front Remington bases fit both front and rear mounts.

  • Standard finish is bead blasted matte with a black oxide coating.

  • Bolt stop is on side above the stock line.

  • Full round back and smaller port allow for a much stiffer action.

  • Uses industry standard Remington style firing pin with 0.068 diameter.

  • The Tactical 30 and Tactical 300 actions use 1.0625-16 tpi, 0.700 inch headspace.

  • NOW Available in right bolt right port AND left bolt left port.  

  • All CNC machined.