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Suppressor All Titanium


 Who can own a suppressor?

 It has never been illegal to own a silencer.  The basic requirements are as follows:

You must be at least 21 years old

You must live in a state that allows ownership

You must not have any felony convictions

Can you use a Suppressor for multiple Firearms?

Yes, Bring or ship your gun to Dixie Precision, 129 Fairmont Plaza Pearl MS, and we will Thread your barrel, and install a thread protector.  If necessary, we can also provide a thread adapter.

Can you use a Suppressor for multi Calibers?

Yes, a  larger can (Example) a .300 can be used for lower caliber rifles,

we can use an adapter if necessary, and thread your barrel for these uses.

How does a Dixie Precision Suppressor attach to my firearms?

We use Direct thread pattern.  Consequently, it attaches to the end of your rifle, or pistol.

How long does it take to acquire my Suppressor?

Depends on the ATF.  We submit the paperwork the day we receive your documents.  

Advantages of a Suppressor?

Hearing Protection.  Makes shooting more enjoyable.  That loud crack or bang becomes a distant memory.  

Reduced recoil.

We have tested the decibel levels in our suppressors, and we are proud of the fact that, Tested with the higher selling suppressors, the Dixie Precision Suppressor is in some cases, lighter and quieter than the competition.  

We have field tested our cans in tournaments across the nation, and we have noticed our Point of Impact change is groundbreaking.